Monday, March 17, 2014

Not exactly the design wall

I am posting pictures of the quilt that is on the quilting machine today.  The design wall looks very similar to the way it looked  last week.  Sorry about the artistic angle of this picture.

Here is the bow tie quilt that will go in my DH's new truck.  He has waited 16 years to buy the truck he wanted.  Every vehicle we own has to have some basic things: jumper cables, tool kit, first aid kit, and a quilt.  (Who wants to be cold at the drive-in?  Not me!  The drive-in is much more fun with a quilt...)

 This quilt is made with a muslin background and mostly homespun plaid fabrics.  The quilting in most of the muslin parts is what I affectionately call "swoop-dee-loop-dee".

The quilting on the bow ties is done with variegated thread. It looks like a squished flower with a spiral center.  Sometimes the petals overlap, sometimes they don't.  I am slightly over halfway done with the bow ties.
These blocks were part of an exchange that I participated in years (a decade?) ago.  I found them when I was bored on a snow day.  I know I was bored because I was cleaning instead of sewing.

I am hoping that spring actually shows up on Thursday.  We had almost 6 inches of snow on the ground this morning.  The roads have been plowed and the snow is melting nicely.  Thank God for Southern snow storms.  Here today, hopefully gone tomorrow.

My yahoo group,, is hosting spring bingo.  It is free to play along.  (You have to join the group...I approve anyone who requests to join.)  Please join us to play.

Have a great day!

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