Monday, June 30, 2014

Jamestown/ Williamsburg, VA vacation

We recently returned from another trip to theWilliamsburg/ Jamestown, Virginia area.  This area is one of our family favorites.  We found a new activity.  Actually, it is an old activity that went away, but now it is back.  We went on a James River boat tour...the sunset cruise to be more specific.  We had a great time.  Here is a link.

Here are some pictures.

 This is a picture of an osprey on its nest if you look carefully at the big bunch of sticks at the top of the tree.
 A great blue heron stands on a retaining wall.  I have conflicted feelings about a bird that is as tall as I am.  Hmph.
These is the waterside view of the replica boats that first came to Jamestown.  I am amazed that they made it to America.  I can't imagine how stinky everyone was after that trip.  Probably no one noticed because no one bathed.  Ewww!

 My parents:
My sister and nephew:
My brother-in-law and nephew:
And the Grand Finale....Sunset!  (I clapped for good luck they do in Key West!)We are home now.  Time to get back to sewing, etc.  What are you doing while you are away from your sewing machine?

Hope you are enjoying your summer days as much as I am!


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