Saturday, March 8, 2014

Let's Tie One On!

During the summer time, I have an added routine to quilt therapy...Yard Sale-ing!  On most Saturdays, my friend, Bernadine, and I force my husband to be our chauffeur.  Last summer we came upon a yard sale in an out of the way wooded "development" here in West Virginia.  Some ladies were helping their friend downsize so that she could move in with her daughter in her Baltimore apartment.    I picked up the ties that I used in this Dresden block for FREE.  Did I mention that that these 6 ties (6 ties actually makes 4 blocks, not just one) came with a very large garbage bag of friends?  

I always wash any fabric before it ever goes into the sewing room.  I worry about creatures, smells, etc.  It took 2 full washer loads to take care of all of the ties.

I have been slowly "gutting" my new found free ties.  They are made from a wide variety of materials.  Some are silk imports with brand names.  Some are tacky polyester creatures.  One was even homemade...very carefully stitched by loving hands .  To date, I have stripped out 114 ties.

I wish I had gotten the name and address of my generous benefactor.  She was so glad that someone was finally going to make the tie quilt that she had been saving for her whole life.  I am trying my best to turn that into reality.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hi- Really like your dresden tie quilt block, and have my own garbage bag of ties to make one. Mine were worn every day by my uncle, and they are going into keepsakes for his children and grandchildren. Any chance you could share what you stabilized the ties with? I was planning on fusible woven cotton interfacing... any thoughts?