Monday, June 23, 2014

Recycling or Harvesting?

Over the weekend, I bought a lunch bag at a yard sale for 50 cents.  My rule is that all items must be cleaned before they are put away.  Cloth items go in the washer.  Anything that can survive the dishwasher goes in there.

If I have to I will wash things by hand....only if I have to.  Usually this is because of poor sticker placement.  Ooops or Goof-off are both wonderful products for removing sticker or tape residue.  I will caution you to use these in a well ventilated area or you might forget your task.  Sometimes these products melt plastics or remove certain types of paint.  Sad, but true.  A cleaning project can become a paint project.  Guess that is part of the name...Ooops!

This lunch bag went into the washer, but sadly did not survive the dryer.  The tag did not mention this.  I forgot to tell my husband not to put it in the dryer.  Oh, well.  I can't be upset.  It was 50 cents, not retail. (I bought it to carry around a bunch of the other smaller treasures that I wanted.)

I am not a big brown fan, but I do like this teal with it.  I also like it with a nice, bold pink.  

The vinyl lining melted just a little itself.

I decided that this bag was not going to be a total loss.  I harvested a nice nylon adjustable strap, two pieces of brown sew on Velcro, and a nylon zipper.

I am getting so much better with my seam ripper these days because I am sewing more.  (Let me say that not all seam rippers are created equally.  The more expensive ones are better....much better than the cheap ones.  Cheap ones are great for starters, but when you can afford one that is a little more, treat yourself.  The one I used for this cost $5 or $6 and could be used for surgery because it is sharp and strong.)

I have a pair of tan lightweight denim pants that would love to made into a bag with these parts.

Do you ever recycle parts of bags or clothing?  What do you re-purpose?

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